Joining Hearts

About Joining Hearts

When Joining Hearts held its first main event in 1987, there was little known about HIV/AIDS. The world began to recognize its grave importance, and so our founders stepped up to start helping people living with HIV/AIDS in Atlanta. And now, 37 years later, the metro Atlanta community is once again in an HIV/AIDS crisis. While other cities in the country are seeing virtually no new HIV infections, Atlanta is seeing new infections at numbers we haven’t seen since the 1980’s.

Everyday there are a wide range of organizations working to stop the spread of HIV throughout Atlanta. We can’t support them without your continued support. It is just as important today as it was 36 years ago to support this cause; to support the local organizations and people that are fighting to stop the spread of the HIV virus and helping people who are living with the disease.

Since 1987, Joining Hearts has donated more than $3 million to our beneficiaries.


Our Mission

The mission of Joining Hearts is to raise awareness and funds to support prevention, care, and housing assistance to those impacted by HIV/AIDS in Atlanta.

Did You Know

History: Where it All Began

Joining Hearts was started in 1987 by a group of friends who wanted to do their part to help a friend impacted by HIV/AIDS who needed financial assistance to stay in his home. This group of friends decided to throw an event to raise funds to provide support for him to stay in his home.

The friends decided to make this an annual event with all the proceeds going to local organizations with a focus on helping people living with HIV/AIDS. This formed what is called now today as the Host Committee of Joining Hearts.

As needs and medical advances evolved, Joining Hearts had to do the same and expanded to add additional events to answer the call to action to make a bigger impact in Atlanta.

In year 30, this led to a direct change in our focus by expanding our mission to support care and provision in addition to housing in which we were formed.

Board of Directors

Jerry Henderson (he/him)


Jonathan Foulk (he/him)

Vice President

Cory Jobe

Director of Finance

David Elsea (he/him)

Director of Communications

Michael Boggan

Director of Patrons

Anthony Baza-Fainn

Anthony Baza-Fainn (he/him)

Director of Events

Rosalyn Jordan (she/her)

Director of Marketing

Brett Hill (he/him)

Director of Volunteers

Kevin Moore (he/him)

Director of Host Engagement

2024 Sponsors


Heart of Diamond: $5,000+

  • Scott Evers & Al Besse

Heart of Gold: $3,000+

  • Andy Wertz

Four Heart Patron: $1,950+

Three Heart Patron: $950+

  • Thomas Hogshead

Two Heart Patron: $650+

  • Oscar Battles
  • Lee Bryan & Joe Keller
  • William Campbell & Jason Girod
  • Craig Fisk
  • Peter Gourdin
  • David Holland & Demetri Daskalakis
  • Christopher Krebs & Steve Messner
  • Paul Lawrence & David Malo
  • Matthew Moncrief
  • Ursula Moseley
  • Roger & Bill Rutkowski
  • Josh Vasil & Allen Wilson
  • Kevin Workman & Don Hemrick

One Heart Patrons: $350+

  • Robert Gaul
  • Erick Johnson
  • Michael Lamb
  • Mark Lenkiewicz
  • James Phelps
  • Dean Stooksbury

Honorary Patrons

Honorary Patrons are people who have gone above and beyond for Joining Hearts over the years. They have donated time, money and/or guidance to help Joining Hearts become what it is today. We can’t do what we do without them:

  • John Baird
  • Erin Bakermans
  • Drew Barton
  • Wes Berry
  • Walt Bilinski
  • Tommy Brendiar
  • Jeff Brewer
  • Tim Burns
  • Bart Clennon
  • Alan Collins
  • Rhonda Creekmore
  • Tina Cunningham
  • Travis Denison
  • Ed Doolittle
  • Mike Ertle
  • Ken Exum
  • Charlie Frew
  • Joe Greene
  • Ben Hadsock
  • Chip Hamner
  • Keith Hand
  • Kevin Jerome
  • Kevin Kelly
  • Jeremiah Lawson
  • Dan Lax
  • Billy Ledford
  • Mark Lenkiewicz
  • Kerry Loftis
  • Steve MacNeil
  • Patrick McCulley
  • Mandy Murray
  • Mike Pope
  • Philip Rafshoon
  • Dan Rauzi
  • Barbara Roberts
  • Jon Santos
  • Doug Sleezer
  • Brian Stanton
  • Mack Turner
  • Michael Vorndran
  • Greg Whitmire

Host Committee

  • Jerry Henderson*
  • Jonathan Foulk*
  • Cory Jobe*
  • Rosalyn Jordan*
  • Anthony Baza-Fainn*
  • Michael Boggan*
  • Kevin Moore*
  • Brett Hill*
  • Lydia Gerzel*
  • Tristan Panucci Dupree
  • Clay Hartzog
  • Alex Kelly
  • Catrina (Trina) Thomas
  • George Spiliopoulos
  • Ryan Risher
  • Darrick Brown
  • Terry Lee Sutter
  • Cuong Lam
  • Toby (Just Toby)
  • Gary Harrell
  • Tony Isom
  • Dustin Martz
  • Michael Murphy

* Currently serving on the Joining Hearts Board


These are organizations that work with us to achieve our mission by helping to promote our events.