Our Mission

The mission of Joining Hearts is to raise awareness, and funds to support prevention, care, and
housing assistance to those impacted by HIV/AIDS in Atlanta.

Joining Hearts isn’t just about a party or an event; it’s a lifesaver and a tribute to life. To keep the connection to our mission, we remind our guests of the ongoing need for awareness and funding for HIV/AIDS in Atlanta.

Last year (2020), the following organizations benefited from our mission:

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Dear Joining Hearts Family,

Following a year of upheaval, cancelled plans, and virtual events, Joining Hearts is happy – and cautiously optimistic – to announce: Main Event 34 “Together ATLast”

The safety of our community is always our top priority. We are taking CDC guidelines and the City of Atlanta restrictions into consideration – as well as some of our own – as we plan this event. The feedback you provided from our most recent survey is guiding our choices as we move forward.

Getting back to “normal” is all any of us want; there’s also reality. We have all had to make changes in how we interact with each other – and this is no different. This year’s Main Event 34 “Together ATLast” will be:

Smaller – limited tickets will be available to encourage physical distancing
Safer – vaccine requirements & restricted access to indoor space
Simpler – no grand gestures here; we’re keeping what you love about the Main Event and streamlining the rest

“Together ATLast” will take place on July 17, 2021; mark your calendars!

Tickets, pricing and additional information will be forthcoming.

Best regards,
Jerry Henderson
President Joining Hearts, Inc.

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