Joining Hearts Atlanta

Red ribbon for world aids day awareness campaign background.

Joining Hearts - Helping Those Impacted by HIV/AIDS in Atlanta Since 1987

Joining Hearts has been a staple of the ATL community for 37 years and its mission is to raise awareness and funds to support the prevention, care and housing assistance to those impacted by HIV/AIDS in Atlanta. Proceeds from donations and fundraising events are donated back to the ATL Community via grants to local charities.

Joining Hearts Board (from Left to Right): Jerry Henderson, Cory Jobe,
David Elsea, Michael Boggan, Rosalyn Jordan, and Jonathan Foulk


Our Lifetime Impact

$ 0 Million

Our Impact in 2023

$ 0 K
$ 0 K
AID Atlanta
$ 0 K
Trans Housing Coalition
$ 0 K
Lost N Found Youth
$ 0 K
Hope Atlanta
$ 0 K
Thrive SS

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