Thirty Flirty Thriving

Joining Hearts is celebrating 30 years of helping people living with HIV/AIDS in Atlanta. During our existence we have given $2,139,500 to various organizations around the city to help people keep a roof over their heads.  As we move forward it is important to stay focused, stay aware, and stay involved. Please step up today as a patron, sponsor, volunteer, host, or guest. If we are going to stop this disease we need all hands on deck!

Upcoming Events

Memorial Day @ Heretic

May 28, 2017

3pm – 9pm

Heretic Atlanta

Main Event Pool Party

July 15, 2017

4:30pm – 10:30pm

 Piedmont Park Pool


2016 Grant Recipients

Joining Hearts had one of our best fund-raising years in our 29 year history.  We went into the year with a new mission, a new structure for giving, and a new drive to have a wider impact for those living with HIV/AIDS.

With the expanded mission statement, that included care, we were able to provide grants to a larger range of organizations.  In total we provided grants to 8 different organizations for a total of $193,662.

The organizations that requested and received funds were:

Jerusalem House $66,496
AID Atlanta $22,500
Living Room $58,000
Positive Impact $5,000
Grady IDP $5,000
AV 200 $5,000
Open Hand $14,166
Lost and Found Youth $15,000