Joining Hearts Announces first Grant Recipients.

Joining Hearts Announces First Grant Recipients Under New Mission

Posted by Joining Hearts May 1, 2017

When Joining Hearts started the discussion to add care to our mission statement, we knew that Atlanta was not in good shape when it came to handling HIV/AIDS. As we researched deeper, we found that the city of Atlanta is in a complete crisis when it comes to HIV/AIDS. New infection rates are sky rocketing, the ability to connect people living with HIV/AIDS to care is becoming more difficult, and housing is still an issue.

We knew that we needed to take Joining Hearts to the next level and the ability to fund care options as well as housing for people living with HIV/AIDS.

In the six months or so since we made the announcement, we have met with as many Atlanta-based HIV/AIDS organizations as we could to gather facts, figures, and falsehoods. We took our new found friends and invited them to come together as one voice in Atlanta to figure out what we can all do collectively to help make the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS better, fuller, and most importantly healthier.

With all that in mind, we are proud to announce the recipients of the first (not the last) Joining Hearts Grants…

Grady IDP Pilot Program
“Joining Hearts Emergency Assistance Fund”
1 Year
The purpose of the Joining Hearts Emergency Assistance Fund is to cover costs as a last resort for necessary items not obtainable through other means that support a patient to begin or remain in care. There are two focus areas for the Joining Hearts Emergency Assistance Grants – qualification to get into care and referral gaps – and both will be administered by the social work team, led by Shellie Bigelow, MSW and Melissa Beaupierre and Grady Health Foundation.

Qualification support can include fees to pay for Georgia ID cards and the supporting documents needed to obtain those IDs. It can also include transportation (Marta or gas cards) to obtain these documents.

Positive Impact Pilot Program
PrEP Services for 30 People
1 Year – $5,000
Goal of Project: To reduce the number of new cases of HIV infection by increasing access to PrEP for at least 30 persons who are appropriate for PrEP but currently not accessing PrEP services, and who otherwise could not access PrEP.

Living Room
Emergency Housing Program
$8,000 (Partial Funding of $197,432 Identified Yearly Need)
The Recuperative Care program assists individuals who are hospitalized and face being homeless upon discharge. After a referral from one of our five local partner hospitals, Living Room helps eligible clients stay off the streets by finding immediate placement in a residential recuperative care facility, paying for care, and providing intensive case management to work toward a permanent housing solution.

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