Home – Main Event 2022

Joining Hearts is excited to announce our calendar of fundraisers for 2022!

  • April 2 – Change of Seasons – “Seasons of Love”
    • ft. The Perry Twins
  • July 15 – Opening Event – “Falling in Love”
    • ft. Liza Rodriguez
  • July 16 – Main Event – “When Love Takes Over”
    • ft. Mauro Mozart
  • July 17 – Tea Dance – “Tea of Hearts”
    • ft. Manny Lehman
  • September 10 – Heart of Hearts – “Fall Back in Love”
    • ft. Roland Belmares
  • December 11 – Wishlist – “Love Is A Gift”

For Joining Hearts’ 35th Anniversary, it’s all about the “Journey of Love” – a simple gesture over three decades ago leading us to the community impact we see today.

Although individual event tickets aren’t on sale yet, you CAN purchase a limited-edition Weekend Pass for JH35 Main Event! This will include access to the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday fundraisers!

Get Your 35th Anniversary WEEKEND PASS Now!