Joining Hearts Grant Recipients – 2016

Joining Hearts had one of our best fund-raising years in our 29 year history.  We went into the year with a new mission, a new structure for giving, and a new drive to have a wider impact for those living with HIV/AIDS.

With the expanded mission statement, that included care, we were able to provide grants to a larger range of organizations.  In total we provided grants to 8 different organizations for a total of $191,162.

The organizations that requested and received funds were:

Jerusalum House $66,496
AID Atlanta $22,500
Living Room $58,000
Positive Impact $5,000
Grady IDP $5,000
AV 200 $5,000
Open Hand $14,166
Lost and Found Youth $15,000

Check out the Specifics of the Grants Below

Grady IDP Pilot Program – “Joining Hearts Emergency Assistance Fund”
1 Year- $5,000

The purpose of the Joining Hearts Emergency Assistance Fund is to cover costs as a last resort for necessary items not obtainable through other means that support a patient to begin or remain in care. There are two focus areas for the Joining Hearts Emergency Assistance Grants – qualification to get into care and referral gaps – and both will be administered by the social work team, led by Shellie Bigelow, MSW and Melissa Beaupierre and Grady Health Foundation.

Qualification support can include fees to pay for Georgia ID cards and the supporting documents needed to obtain those IDs. It can also include transportation (Marta or gas cards) to obtain these documents.

View Grant Proposal for Grady IDP

Positive Impact Pilot Program – PrEP Services for 30 People
1 Year – $5,000 

Goal of Project: To reduce the number of new cases of HIV infection by increasing access to PrEP for at least 30 persons who are appropriate for PrEP but currently not accessing PrEP services, and who otherwise could not access PrEP

View Grant Proposal for Positive Impact

Living Room – Emergency Lodging and Recuperative Care

The Emergency Lodging and Recuperative Care program assists individuals who are hospitalized and face being homeless upon discharge. After a referral from one of our five local partner hospitals, Living Room helps eligible clients stay off the streets by finding immediate placement in a residential recuperative care facility, paying for care, and providing intensive case management while working toward a more permanent housing solution.

View Grant Proposal for Living Room

Living Room – Support Programs for Those Living with HIV/AIDS and facing homelessness.


Living Room will use the money received from Joining Hearts to help provide assistance with housing for individuals at risk of homelessness while living with HIV/AIDS.

View Grant Proposal for Living Room

Jerusalem House – New Horizons


The New Horizons Program is a Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) Program that allows capable individuals and families to live in more independent accommodations throughout the city.

Currently at 11 units, this Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) Program will help place a total 30 individuals and/or families into more independent accommodations in the community. Joining Hearts Grant funds will subsidize rent and utility bills (gas, waterRequest: and electric) for 30 residents of the New Horizons Program.  Participating residents individually rent apartments in the neighborhood of their choosing and Jerusalem House subsidizes a portion of their rent and utility payments. Clients will continue to have access to self- managed counseling and can remain in the program for up to five years.

Jerusalem House also received a grant from Joining Hearts in the amount of $41,496 as per the request of David Magazine as part of their Men of David fundraiser to be used for furnishings for their adult housing program.

View Grant Proposal for Jerusalem House

Action Cycling Atlanta – AIDS Vaccine 200 


Action Cycling Atlanta is entering its 15th year of producing the AIDS Vaccine 200 cycling event, following a record fundraising year.  Like all charitable organizations the need is great to continue to seek sponsorship and identify patrons.  With increased donations come increased costs and a greater need for support to continue to donate 100% of participant fundraising.  We’re seeking a grant amount of $5000.

The grant will be used to support our operating costs, and enable us to continue to donate 100% of participant fundraising.

View Grant Proposal for AV200

Open Hand Atlanta


The grant will be used to provide 6,080 medically required nutrition supplements for Open Hand meal recipients.

View Open Hand Atlanta Proposal

Lost and Found Youth


This grant will help with overall operational costs for Lost and Found Youth as the seek to help young LGBTQ citizens get off the streets and into housing.  Lost and Found Youth will also educate these youth about HIV/AIDS transmission adn how to prevent further spread of HIV/AIDS among Atlanta’s youth.

View Lost and Found Youth Proposal

AID Atlanta


This grant will help AID Atlanta provide housing related expenses disallowed by Federal and State grants to HIV+ clients including emergency lodging when required.

View AID Atlanta Proposal