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Joining Hearts, Inc., relies solely on the critical support of our valued Patrons and Corporate Sponsors to uphold our mission in providing housing assistance, HIV testing, medication and meals to those affected by HIV/AIDS here in Atlanta, GA. Your financial giving plays a vitally important role in funding essential housing and housing-related assistance to the individuals and families supported by our Beneficiaries. Without your help, basic needs like electricity, gas, water, and rent become serious challenges in the lives of those affected.

Joining Hearts needs the continued support of our Patrons more than ever as we continue to grow and expand our help in our community. Please sign-up or renew your commitment by becoming a Patron today!


  • Free Admission to all 6 scheduled events in 2022
  • Patron Only entrance at Main Event
  • VIP only entrance (Where offered)
  • Public banner recognition at Main Event (If so desired)
  • Website recognition on our website. (If so desired)
  • Joining Hearts, Inc., is recognized by the IRS as a public charity
  • Recurring Monthly payment option available (If so desired)

1 Heart Patron $350 = 1 VIP ticket

2 Heart Patron $650 = 2 VIP tickets

3 Heart Patron $950 = 3 VIP tickets

4 Heart Patron $1,950 = 4 VIP tickets

Heart of Gold Patron $3,000 = 6 VIP tickets

Heart of Diamond Patron $5,000 = 10 VIP tickets

*Note: If you elect to use the convenient monthly payment option, please note that the accumulated amount that has been paid as of July 10th (Current fiscal year), will determine your official Heart Level and corresponding allocation of Main Event tickets.  The Monthly payment will be stopped as of July 10th for the current Joining Hearts fiscal year.

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