About Us

Joining Hearts was started 30 years ago by a group of friends who wanted to do their part to help a friend dealing with HIV/AIDS and needing help staying in his home. This group of friends decided to throw a party with any money they raised going to help their friend stay in his home.

This group of friends decided to make this an annual event with all the proceeds going to local organizations with a focus on helping people living with HIV/AIDS stay in their homes. As Joining Hearts grew so did our events.  We now hold anywhere between 5-10 fundraising events per year.

In year 30, we continue to focus most of our giving on keeping people living with HIV/AIDS in Atlanta because housing is healthcare.  In 2016, with Atlanta seeing a large increase in the spread of HIV/AIDS, we decided to add overall care to our mission statement.

By adding care to our mission we were able to take the money we raise and spread it to a wider group of organizations.   This allows us to help people stay in their homes and also get care they need.